"This little book - a true jewel - belongs to, and emanates from the same school of Indo-Aryan and Buddhist thought and learning as the teachings in The Secret Doctrine."

H.P. Blavatsky

"To many, this little book will be the first revelation of that which they have been all their lives blindly seeking.

To many, it will be the first bit of spiritual bread given to satisfy the hunger of the soul. To many, it will be the first cup of water from the spring of life, given to quench the thirst which has consumed them.

Those for whom this book is intended will recognize its message, and after listening it they will never be the same as before it came to them."


"For when the disciple is ready, the Master is ready also."

"Theosophy was once the universal religion of mankind, and is destined to be the universal religion of the future. Even now, its great principles are permeating thought and action everywhere, and everywhere the most advanced mind are looking forward to the idea of a universal religion as humanity's one hope."

Katherine Tingley

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